1859 McClellan saddle

Welcome to One Sixth Cavalry Saddles. Growing up I was always fascinated with scale hobbies such as Miniature Military Figures as well as action figures. As a child, I loved to watch my grandmother make and repair doll house furniture. In my early teens I began to paint 54 and 90mm military figures. So a few years ago, I discovered a new passion, making scale saddles.

All of my saddles are created with the utmost attention to detail and historical accuracy. I have painstakingly researched historical documents as well as other resources necessary to bring you the most authentic 1/6 scale saddles around. The saddle trees I use were sculpted by an artist using historical drawings then cast in resin by me.

The photo-etch buckles and hardware I use are scaled replicas of original hardware down to the tiny philips screws and rivets. The stirrups are made of oak and cut to scaled specs. The leather and lace I use are high quality sheepskin and kangaroo. The stirrup hoods and saddlebags are stamped with the
embossments. If I can't make it look like the real thing, then I won't make it at all. My saddles would make great gifts for Collectors, Johnny West enthusiasts or historical reenactors.
 All saddles are $285 except for the Napoloenic rigs, they're $325 plus shipping.

Note: This is not a real saddle. It is not meant to be played with or handled aggressively.

So please, feel free to look around and enjoy shopping. If you have any questions please email me or call me. I'm available after 7pm eastern time. Thank you for shopping.
Cesar Dubon                                                            


Read what some of my customers have had to say:

I have to say in all my years of following the 1/6 scale custom market
I have never seen, nor even dreamed, of anything that surpasses the
incredible research and quality of the tiny saddles that are made by
Cesar Dubon. Cesar and I became fast friends through the Johnny West
hobby, so you might be tempted to think I am only saying these things to
help out a buddy. Such could not be further from the truth. My reputation
as a novelist relies on how people perceive my honesty and my research. On
those credentials, and on hundreds of hours of research I have done and
continue to do, I can tell you that nowhere in the world will you find
anyone who makes more authentic, highly researched and detailed miniature
saddles than Cesar Dubon. These saddles may not be around forever, so you
owe it to yourself to order one if you are even remotely debating it.
Cesar will produce for you a one of a kind piece of art, 100% handmade, of
which you will never see the like in the action figure collecting hobby.

I suppose some would describe my novels as wordy, and to counteract that
tag I can describe Cesar Dubon's work in one word:

Kirby Jonas, novelist and owner of "Kirbyland, the Home of Johnny West"

I was pleasantly surprised and excited when I received my 1874 McClellan saddle and accoutrement's from One Sixth Cav Saddles! Some of the pieces that Cesar produced were for the first time and he had to do some research. I was amazed at the detail he put into the saddle, the bit, bridle, stirrups, canteen, and last but not least the 1874 saddle bags and the 1874 Haversack that I asked him to make special for me. Everything was matched up to scale. He had never done the bags and haversack before and I can say that the detail was so good that it was like he took an original and shrunk it down to 1:6 scale. I am a stickler on detail and being historically accurate.  I can say that One Sixth Cav Saddles is the most historically accurate and detailed saddle pieces I have ever seen. Cesar is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. I can't wait to get my 1885 McClellan saddle and horse accoutrement's!
Chris LaFreniere, Army Reservist and Indian Wars Living Historian

Forgive me if my English isn't good. Today I received my two McClellan mounts. I am very impressed by all the details in your work, there is no doubt that you worry about your work being historically correct. All the details are very impressive. It interests me a lot to have a complete collection of all the saddles of the different historical periods  to exhibit with my horses. Your work is for very precise collectors who seek perfect miniatures. It is worth the time and the money to see this result.

Luis Aguilar, Artist, Mexico City, Mexico

As a military writer and historian, I have been an avid collector of military weapons and artifacts for many years.  Cesar Dubon’s historic saddles are essential for anyone interested in the history of U.S. and international cavalry equipment.  Cesar’s work is remarkable in every respect.  He is a meticulous master craftsman whose work is incredibly realistic because he produces every detail in exacting scale. Fine artistry is just one aspect of Cesar’s saddles, however.  He also has mastered the history and development of cavalry equipment. Others may guess, but Cesar knows. He is the best, and his work is priceless.

Jack Satterfield, Newark, DE

(586) 263-6841